Frequently Asked Qusetions

Q: Where can flooring be installed?

A: One of the great things about laminate flooring is that you can install it over virtually any existing floor - wood, concrete, and resilient tile, vinyl sheet flooring. That means you don't have to pull up the old floors and deal with the mess or the hassle of repairing most sub floor damage. Just make sure your sub floor is structurally sound, dry, clean and flat.

Q: I'm a DIY'er. Can I install flooring myself?

A: Yes, but remember it will void your warranty on the product. We have a dedicated team of fitters that can fit your floor to the highest quality.

Q: Why is flooring so popular?

A: The unique ability of flooring to simulate the look of other flooring products, while delivering the added values of wear, stain, fade and moisture resistance, along with lower costs for preparation, material and installation, have made this product category the most rapidly growing segment of the flooring industry.

Q: How do I determine the direction in which to install my wooden flooring?

A: To decide where to begin the layout of your floor, consider incoming light. It is usually best to install wooden flooring with the planks running parallel to light coming in windows or glass doors. For any installation the starting wall should be long and straight as possible.

Q: How should I clean and maintain my laminate floor?

A: Vacuum with a soft brush or wipe with a slightly damp mop. Do not soak floor or use strong detergent cleanser. To remove stains, use a mild non-abrasive cleanser. Floor mats are recommended at all exterior doorways